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We offer a unique hearing care service, in-home hearing clinic services 100% mobile. We offer a variety of services from hearing testing, hearing aid sales, in-home hearing aid trials, repairs & re-programming, and follow-up care are all done from the comfort of your own home, or private care facility.
First Time Hearing Aid User
Are you new to hearing aids? Have you been struggling with hearing loss, and have you finally decided to get your hearing tested?
Hearing Loss? or Ringing in the Ears?
Tinnitus is sometimes referred to as ringing in the ears, and it's a huge problem for many people. Loosing your hearing is unique to each of us.
Long Time Hearing Aid User
Even if you are a veteran hearing aid wearer, your hearing abilities may change over the years and effect the type of hearing aids you are using.
Hearing Aid Repair & Programming
Over time, you may notice that you need adjustments to your hearing aids. We provide some programming & repair services at your in-home visits.
Hearing Aid Types & Brands
The Best Hearing Aid Brands and Styles.
As an independent hearing healthcare practice we are not limited to one hearing aid manufacturer.
In-Home Visits
Our mobile hearing aid services are comprehensive:
We provide hearing exams, consultations, and hearing aid sales & fittings in the comfort of your own home.
Sound Solutions Hearing Care
10145 Ford Avenue, Suite C,
Richmond Hill, GA, 31324
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